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Travelling through the universe of the language of painting from zero-minimalism to hyper-surrealism, I make use of the accumulated experience and the many opportunities which are lying before me, I pick the creating method that is requested by the moment and by the task so that the visual formula constituted by colors, forms and proportions can be born.

I paint. I experiment. I convey.
I think and work in series. At first glance, these are technically different sequences, but on further observation,
they are noticeably related to each other, they are links which are supporting and building one another, ranges of tasks that are furthering and bringing forward my artistic approach and concepts.

Even if the successful creation is accomplished, an eternal and  obstinate duality is born: the task is very easy and hard at the same time, the creative process is as short as a moment, and it is also never-ending.  A deadly serious play, a give and take game with the past, present and future.
In this strict dual scheme, the delicate balance found with the help of the created image may mean the impression
of instantaneous perfection both for the spectator and for me, the artist. My goal is to find this balance as many times as possible.

Drawing an painting have been accompanying me since my childhood, but generally I am excited by every sort of creating process. Perhaps this is why I established myself in the field of graphic design.  In the recent years the thirst of autonomous creation has been getting stronger in me, so I have been gradually shifting my energy toward painting, so that it can fully accomplish itself soon. The future is of the paintings.


I was born in 1975 in Hungary. I live and work in Budapest, Hungary.





Group exhibitions:


2016 Retro, Dorog, Hungary

2016  Bakelit Multi Art Center; Budapest, Hungary

2017 The Talent, MÜSZI; Budapest, Hungary

2018 The day of the Hungarian Culture, Székelyudvarhely, Romania

2018 Talent Café, Corvin Club, Budapest, Hungary

2018 The Talent Tour, Barabás Villa, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Ankert, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Wild Art, Patyolat PRÓBAÜZEM, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Outcast Europe, Pintér Gallery and Auction House, Hungary

2018 Wild Art, Szimpla, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Conversations, Wendlingen am Neckar, Germany

2018 Chili Art Fest, CSILI Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary

2018 BLITZ Galeria Spring Auction exhibition, ZSILIP, Budapest, Hungary

2018 International Art Camp Exhibition, Svodin, Slovakia

2018 Outcast Europe, International Organization of Migration/UN, Athens, Greece

2018 Pintér Gallery summer auction exhibition, Villa Vaszary, Balatonfüred, Hungary

2018 Forma Fest, Stúrovo, Slovakia

2018 Art Camp, Hotel Anna Grand, Balatonfüred, Hungary

2018 Blitz Galeria Winter Auction, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Winter Auction Exhibition, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 IV. Fine Art Salon, Esernyős Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2019 ZiggY Art Fair, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 V. Fine Art Salon, Esernyős Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2020 GARTEN 2020 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lovas & Csopak, Hungary

2020 Resident Art Fair, A.P.A. Gallery (Atelier Pro Arts), Budapest, Hungary

2021 Youngart Porsche Fine Arts Scolarship Exhibition, Porsche Centrum Budapest, Hungary

2021 VI. Fine Art Salon, Esernyős Galéria, Budapest, Hungary




Solo exhibitions:


2017 Space Real - Klauzal 13 Gallery; Budapest, Hungary

2017 "2.0" - Eötvös Gallery; Dorog, Hungary

2017 Edge Dance - Danube Museum, Esztergom, Hungary

2017 KVART - Contemporary Gallery, Dorog, Hungary

2017 NATOUR - Hotel Museum Budapest Art Gallery, Hungary

2019 Instinctual Elements - Fest;Tisztít Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2019 REDUCTO - OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Secretum Mobile - CSILI Cultural Center




"The Talent" visual arts competition:

Special award of the jury, 2017


"Outcast Europe" fine art competition:

First prize, 2018


"Art Fest CSILI"   Fine Arts contest

First Prize in painting, 2018


"Futura Óbuda" - Fine Art Salon

Special Award of the Óbuda Museum